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 FAQ: Licensing Courses

For in-depth FAQs, please see our Fundamentals of Insurance and CAIB information sections.

How do the Fundamentals of Insurance or the CAIB 1 courses relate to ICBC's entry-level courses for Autoplan brokers?

The Fundamentals of Insurance and CAIB 1 courses prepare prospective licensees for the pre-licensing exam. Once you're licensed and employed at an insurance brokerage, if you're handling Autoplan transactions your employer may arrange for you to take an ICBC course.

Does the Fundamentals course qualify me to hold the CAIB designation after I have completed CAIB 2, 3 and 4?

No, the Fundamentals course does NOT apply to a CAIB designation. To obtain the CAIB designation you must complete all four CAIB courses, including CAIB 1.

Once I've passed the Fundamentals of Insurance exam, how long do I have to find employment?

You have one year to find employment with an insurance brokerage and obtain your Level 1 license. If a year passes and you're still unemployed, you must pass the Fundamentals exam again.

What are the current editions of the CAIB textbooks?


CAIB Textbook

Current Edition









How do I upgrade to a Level 2 license?

Once you have obtained your Level 1 license, you must pass both the CAIB 2 and CAIB 3 exams to upgrade to a Level 2 license.

What if I do not agree with my CAIB mark?

You can have your CAIB exam remarked by submitting a written request within two weeks of receiving your mark. The cost is $75 and the request MUST be in writing. Please be aware that all exams scoring between 55% and 59% are automatically remarked, free of charge, to ensure they're accurate.

How do I register for a CAIB exam?

You may register for your exam by mail/courier, by fax or email PDF. Registration forms are available here.

Can I use a credit card to pay for my course?

Yes. For your convenience, we accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express.

Where can I write my CAIB exam?

CAIB exams are written in over 45 locations around the province. We'll do our best to provide a convenient location for you. Within the Lower Mainland, exams are only written in downtown Vancouver and Abbotsford.

How many continuing education credits do I qualify for when I write a CAIB exam?

If you have taken a CAIB exam in the current licensing term, you qualify for the following number of continuing education credits based on your exam mark:


Credits Allotted

0 - 59

0 credits

60 - 100

8 credits

What other courses are available after I've graduated from CAIB?

The CPIB and CCIB designations are available to CAIB grads. Please click on the appropriate designation to find out more information.


Have questions or comments about Fundamentals of Insurance? Contact Ileana Toledo by email  or click hereQuestions or comments about CAIB? Contact the CAIB Coordinator by email at or click here.



How do I register for an IBABC seminar?

Simply visit Find Seminars and when you've found the seminar(s) you want, click on the registration button provided.

How do I cancel my IBABC seminar registration?

You may cancel a seminar registration by contacting Dawne Polak, Continuing Education Assistant, at  at least 48 hours in advance of the seminar you wish to cancel out of. If you've already paid the seminar fee, we'll offer you a fee credit or full refund. Fee credits may be granted for cancellations made on the day of a seminar, but only for proven medical emergencies. Fee credits or refunds will only be provided within these guidelines.

Where are IBABC seminars held?

IBABC seminars are primarily held in Burnaby, Abbotsford, Victoria, Nanaimo, Kelowna, Abbotsford, Cranbrook and Prince George. We also offer many webinars (online seminars in real-time). Visit Find Seminars to find sessions in your area.

How many continuing education credits do I need to renew my general insurance license?

Please see Maintain your license. Supporting information may also be found at the Insurance Council of B.C. website.

Can continuing education credits be carried forward?

No, CE credits cannot be carried forward from one licensing period to the next. Please see Maintain your license section for more information.

How many continuing education credits do I currently have?

The IBABC education department can only tell you about the credits you have received through our continuing education programs. Please contact Dawne Polak, Continuing Education Assistant, at  if you need a replacement seminar certificate. Remember -- as a licensee YOU are responsible for tracking your overall credits and courses for your license continuation. We recommend that you keep a file dedicated to keeping your continuing education course certificates and other records of attendance.

How many continuing education credits will a course offered by another education provider grant me?

The IBABC Education Department cannot comment on the amount and type of continuing education credits granted by other education providers. Please contact those providers for that information.

What proof does the IBABC provide for my having attended one of your seminars?

To receive continuing education credits from an IBABC seminar, you must sign in and out on the attendance sheets we provide at our education events. Failure to sign in and out will result in loss of credits as these lists provide proof of your attendance.

IBABC provides personalized attendance certificates at the end of all our continuing education seminars, including webinars and online seminars (i.e., pre-recorded). If you don't receive a certificate at the end of one of our events we will send one in the mail to you, as long as you sign in and out on the attendance sheets provided.

Will IBABC seminars qualify me for Life CE credits?

Yes, but only some of our management seminars (face-to-face or online) that are accredited for Level 3 licensees will also qualify you for Life CE credits. For a current list of IBABC seminars in your area and online, please visit Find Seminars. For online courses please visit Captus or HyperArticles.

Can I receive continuing education credits from attending IBABC ward (i.e., area) meetings?

Yes, as an IBABC member you can get credits from attending IBABC ward meetings. Keep in mind, however, that IBABC ward meetings by themselves do not automatically qualify attendees for CE credits. In order to qualify for credits, the area meeting must include bona fide educational content that meets the definition of Technical education as defined by the Insurance Council of B.C. Please contact your local IBABC Area Director or Greg Mansf ield, manager, Education Dept., at for further information.

Have additional questions or comments about IBABC's education programs? Contact IBABC at 604- 606-8000 or click here.